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Natural-fiber fashions for well-rounded women

Natural-fiber fashions for WELL-rounded women, Sizes Medium and GRANDER

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Su Placer Tabbed Sleeve Tunic (3 Colors)

Su Placer Tabbed Sleeve Tunic – Mayan Blue

Su Placer is known for its comfortable, colorful and playful tops.  All of their batiks are designed in upstate New York and then hand made by fair trade artisans in northern Ecuador.

Hand stamped and hand painted these original, sun dried batik designs are a cooperative labor of love.  Each top is a unique one-of-a-kind wearable piece of art.

Made of 100% Cotton

Wears well, keeps looking good for years with many washings!


Full length sleeves with button tabs for rolling!

Available in 3 colors

Sizes: M-3X


Su Placer Tabbed Sleve Tunic – Say Yes!

Su Placer Tabbed Sleve Tunic – Say Yes, Jewel, Mayan Blue