Women of Substance

Natural-fiber fashions for well-rounded women

Natural-fiber fashions for WELL-rounded women, Sizes Medium and GRANDER

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Flax, Wing Tip Blouse (5 Solid Colors)


Flax, Wing Tip Blouse – Herb

Traditional button down front blouse with pointed collar

3/4 sleeves, notched at cuff

Darts at bust for a flattering loose fit

100% Linen

3 solid colors: Black, Natural, Herb, Amethyst(rich purple), Lapis(cobalt blue)

Remaining availabillity:

Purple – L

Black – L

All others sold out



Flax, Wing Tip Blouse – Natural, Herb, Black


Flax, Wing Tip Blouse – Amethyst(Rich Purple), Lapis(Cobalt Blue)